Invest in You

At Alfie we believe educational financing should not limit you, so we created an alternative that offers greater flexibility and reduced risk at competitive rates.

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Graduate Debt Free

Forget loans, think equity: An income share agreement pays for your education in exchange for a small share of your future income

Advance Your Career

Your success becomes shared success, so we will all work together to help you achieve your career goals

Stay Flexible

Be free to make the choices you want, without the pressure of fixed loan payments.

Meet the Alfie ISA

At Alfie we believe education should stimulate your pursuit of happiness. Financing your education should not stand in the way of that. For that reason we introduced the Alfie Income Share Agreement.

With Alfieā€™s ISA you pay a fixed percentage of your income over a fixed period of time, no matter what that income is. That way your payments will never be more than you can afford.

The Alfie Way