by removing the burden of debt

Work with Alfie to provide an innovative and affordable alternative to traditional student financing

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Attract top student talent

Increase your yield by offering a better financing option than your peers

Create financial sustainability

ISAs turn need based aid into a revolving fund, ensuring long-term availability and sustainability

Engage more alumni

Provide alumni with an opportunity to give a gift that lasts more than a lifetime

The Alfie ISA

At Alfie we believe education empowers students to pursue both happiness and opportunity. Financing education should never stand in the way of the ability to achieve that. For that reason we introduced the Alfie Income Share Agreement.

With Alfie’s ISA students pay a fixed percentage of their income over a fixed period of time, no matter what that income is, rather than paying off a fixed loan amount with fixed installments. That way students never have to pay more than they can afford, making education affordable regardless of your career after graduation.

Taking away the financial ‘risk’ of education creates a significant advantage for both students and educational programs. We work with colleges and universities to implement these programs, leading to higher yield rates for schools, and a better future for students.


For Income Share Agreements at every type of college

Work with Alfie and leverage the end to end capabilities to introduce ISAs:

  • Underwriting
  • Communication materials
  • Legal and regulatory support
  • The required portals for origination and servicing